Comparisons Motorola OnePlus

Moto X Style vs OnePlus 2

Yesterday was an exciting day for tech junkies as we saw a couple of new much awaited flagships launch. Motorola released the curtain on the new Moto series with 3 new phones namely moto x style( pure for USA), Moto play and moto G.

Design and build

OnePlus has concentrated on design this time and has user premium metals that the phone flaunts through its sides. The phones has same sandstone black as seen in OnePlus One but with a metal frame that’s a bit more edgy and square shaped. The phone is smaller in size than OnePlus one with same 5.5 inch display. We also got a new home button on the front with fingerprint scan. On the back we have similar design as one with new laser focus and camera at the center in a metal casing.
There’s a new notification slider which can control the interruption with a slide and has 3 options, namely all, priority and mute.

Motorola have hasn’t changed much in the design aspect but the phone is smaller compared to other phablets as it holds a 5.7 inch display and stereo speakers too. The design is similar to last year nexus 6 and moto X. The camera placement is similar with an elongated metal casing that has the moto logo with nice dip feel.


OnePlus decided to keep the resolution of display to same 1080p and has improved the contract ration which gives deeper blacks and colors. The brightness is also increased to make it readable in bright outdoors too. The display type is in-cell LCD which means that the digitizer, LCD display and touch are in a single layer giving a smaller form.

Motorola has this time moved from Amoled to LCD with the new Quad HD resolution. Display size is also increased to 5.7 inches moving it to phablet category. The company says that the new display has good details and the images appear crispy with high resolution. The bezels are slim and there’s also stereo front facing speakers born on top and bottom of screen sick should give impressive experience.
The display is protected by gorilla glass 3 on both Moto and OnePlus devices.


OnePlus has decided to use the snapdragon 8 1 0 despite its heating issues and has said that they have been able to solve heat issues with newer version of the chip. The processor snapdragon 810 is clocked at 1.8 GHz with Adreno 430 GPU. The phones also has 3GB/4GB LPDDR4 RAM and eMMC 5.0 storage with 16 GB for 3 GB version and 64GB for 4GB variant.

Motorola has taken a step back and has used the Motorola Mobile Computing System including a 1.8GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 808 with hexa-core CPU (MSM8992), Adreno 418 GPU, Natural Language Processor, and Contextual Computing Processor. These extra chips are Motorola’s exclusive that helps with their moto assist and other features. There’s a 3GB RAM inside with 16/32/64 GB of internal storage also we have support for sd card upto 128 GB.


OnePlus and Motorola are phew companies that gives stock android feel with no much changes.
OnePlus has moved to OxygenOS with new version 2.0 that has many features similar to cyanogen and some of their own too. The performance should be smooth on both devices as they runs near stock android.

OnePlus has their own additions to their software with custom tiles, on screen buttons etc which are found in most custom rom.
Motorola has their own Moto assist which has some funky features like twist to open camera ans chop to flash light etc. Both the iterations are clean and are with less bloatware. The performance and user experience are one of the best in both devices.


The camera in both devices are quite differ in any aspects here. OnePlus has kept same 13MP resolution but has added many new features like laser auto focus, and much wanted OIS (optical image stabilisation). The camera sensor size is also larger to grasp more light. The camera performance is quite amazing as seen by sample images. The low light performance is especially great and the camera app is the same as Google camera with little modifications.

Motorola on the other hand has decided to up the mega pixel to 21MP with a dual LED flash. The camera is said to perform great which is quite unusual in moto phones. The new camera has said to be great and seems to be taking some quite good images. The front facing camera is 5MP sensor and also has a front flash also.


Oneplus has increased the battery capacity to 3300maH which is non removable. Given that oneplus one had the best battery, we expect battery to perform even better on the new device.
There’s no quick charge or fast charging supported.

The moto x style has a similar large 3000mah battery which is capable of Turbo charging and it’s sad that it’s the fastest charging technology available now. Both OnePlus and Motorola have customization available with style swap covers for OnePlus 2 and Moto Maker with more customisation for Moto x.
The Moto X style is priced at $400 for 16 GB version and OnePlus two is priced at $339/$389 for 16GB (3GB RAM) /64GB (4GB RAM).

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