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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs S6 Edge+

Galaxy S6 Edge+ vs Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung has released the curtain to their phablet line up with the launch of Note 5 and S6 edge+. Most of you including me have been expecting something new and improved spec sheet which hasn’t been the case here. Samsung has not been able to differentiate the phablets and flagship S lineup except for a larger screen. The most innovative launch of the year was the Edge phones that have turned many heads and has been a great success for Sammy. Let’s compare the dual edge phones today and see what’s that differentiates them.

There’s not much to compare here as there’s no much difference in hardware of these two. The design of these two are similar and has same design language that’s a premium one. The all glass and metal combination has a great feel and look to it. The phone looks stunning all around. Though the glass on the back may take some fingerprint and smudges, it’s a wipe away from looking brand new. The positioning of the physical buttons and ports with camera are also same as S6 edge. The buttons are tactile and very responsive.

The speakers are positioned at the bottom along with USB port and headphone jack. The display curves from both the sides towards the side frames which are metallic. The titanium silver color looks great on the body.

Going forward and talking about the display, it’s the traditional Samsung Super AMOLED display with Quad HD (2556×1440) resolution but this time with larger screen size of 5.7 inch compared to the 5.1 inch of the S6 edge. The colors are vivid and blacks are deeper. It has more natural and realistic colors and may be one of the best displays on any smartphone.

Moving onto the internals is the same hardware that runs the S6/S6 edge with 1 GB of more ram. The processor is same Exynos 7420 which is currently the fastest chipset available. The 64-bit 14nm manufactured chip has 8 cores with a combination of ARM A53 and A57 architecture. The processor has great performance and now with Samsung’s new display with more power saving it must perform better and give good battery life. As both phones have same processor the performance must be same without any difference too.
The 4GB of RAM must help is multi tasking and switching between apps a buttery smooth experience. The internal storage is same UFS 2.0 that came with S6 and is very fast which helped Samsung to achieve such great benchmark scores.

Apart from screen size the change was in battery which has been increased to 3000 mAh with the new s6 edge +. This with new display should give amazing battery life.

The software part is where u’ll find the real difference. Although these may be carried to S6 edge with an software update the latest phone is always the first one to get. Samsung has added many new features to the edge screen with edge people and edge apps. This let’s you customize contacts and apps that appears when you swipe from the edge. We were slightly disappointed with such little options on the edge screen as its been a year since it debuted in the Note edge.
The software has little changes to UI with rounded icons and some new bundled apps. Although we might have the touchwiz lag that after some usage which we even find in the S6 series.
There are not many changes in the S6 Edge and the new S6 Edge+. The Plus is for those who prefer a larger screen. The extra screen size and battery is definitely an add-on.

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