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Lenovo k3 Note vs Motorola Moto G 2015

As the no of phones in budget segment is going on increasing the customers are baffled which one to buy as many phones have been flooding the budget segment with great phones at very cheap price.
Motorola came out with their budget champ, Moto G 2015 and we also have Lenovo the parent company of Motorola releasing Lenovo K3 note which offers killer specs for its low price tag. So let’s see which is better of the lot.

Build and design

This year’s Motorola lineup shares design language that is a mixture of last year’s nexus 6 and moto X. They have retained the curved back and there’s no much significant changes to last Gen moto g. The phone has same design, but the build quality has been given a uplift with some premium materials used. The phone feels easy to hold and grip, and also feels a bit premium too. 

K3 note also has similar design to all of its Lenovo phones with plastic back. The phone is made out of plastic body to keep the price low. The design is same rectangular body that we see in most Lenovo phones. But on the front Lenovo k3 has a upside with smaller bezels and a larger display.


Motorola decided to stay at same resolution and size when it came to display and as seen it has a 5″ 720p(720*1280) display and it’s decent with great viewing angles. K3 note has a better display with a larger 5.5″(108ó*1920) Full HD display .

Hardware internals

Motorola decided to stuff the G3 with Snapdragon 410 chipset, and Lenovo k3 note has a mediatek mt6572. Both are 64-bit but the mediatek processor is superior to 410 here with great perforce and more no of cores. 

Both phones have 2GB of RAM which is enough for multi tasking. 

The internal storage is 16GB (moto g has a 8GB variant with 1 GB RAM) and is expandable via sd card slot on both of these budget phones.


Both devices run on android lollipop but there’s a major difference and many people may prefer one over the other depending in their choice. Motorola provides near stock android experience with some added Motorola features. The software is best for stock lovers and has very good optimization. 

The Lenovo like any other Chinese OEM has a very customized android skin called vibe UI based on lollipop. The skin may be awesome or awful depending on your liking. It has many features integrated and many utility apps are already in built. There many many exciting features and the performance is also great which may get little large sometimes.

Camera and battery

Both phone features a 13MP rear camera which is a great for their price. The pictures taken are decent and has a good amount of details. On the front you get 5MP camera for selfie. The battery capacity on Motorola is 2470maH and Lenovo has a larger 3000maH battery inside.

Though on spec sheet Lenovo k3 is a way better device than Motorola, the software is where moto g3 has a better hand with very good software – hardware integration. And also the ipx7 water proofing which lets you keep the phone in 1 meter of water for upto 30min without any damage.
Lenovo has better display battery and processor which makes a better phone. Lenovo takes this battle but Motorola has also been good with that waterproof and software.
Lenovo k3 note is priced @10,000₹ which is a killer deal for such a well speced phone.
While moto G 2015 is priced @ 12,999₹ which is also decent for its features.
So which fan are you???? Motorola’s waterproof and stock android or the Lenovo’s larger display and battery???? Do let us know in the comments box below and give suggestion if any????

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