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Moto X Style vs OnePlus Two : Battle of flagships

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Motorola and OnePlus have released their flagships for the year and both are packing  impressive specs for their price range. Both have lot of similarities and similar software approaches,  and also they differ quite a lot  in other areas too. Let’s take them to a head on comparison to see which is the real flagship killer..

Build and Design

OnePlus has decided to use aluminum metal in its phone quick makes the phone look great and gives a great feel too. The back has same sandstone covering. The build is sturdier with metal all along the sides and square edges. On the front we have a fingerprint sensor along with the home button and two capacitive keys.

Moto X Style has stick to design pattern with some noteworthy changes. It retains the curved back and it’s more pronounced which gives better grip for handling. There’s metal strip on the back that holds the camera and flash. The metal strip gives a nice feel and the dip is also present. The edges are more curvy and the gorilla glass curves a little to sides to gives easy swiping. Other build are same as last Gen moto x. The bezels are very small giving it a good look and better handling.


OnePlus has kept the dismay at same 5.5 inch Full HD resolution but this time they have improved the brightness and contrast. The display is better than oneplus one. It seems a good choice to go for full hd screen that helps the battery.

Motorola on the other hand has increased both size and the resolution of the screen. The display size is 5.7 inches with Quad HD resolution. The more pixel density means more clear pictures and the panel itself is a Amoled one which gives more deeper blacks and good contrasts.

Memory and Processor

OnePlus has assigned snapdragon 810 to keep the phone running and mange all its  tasks though sd810 had issued with heating and throttling that made many manufacturers to shift to other processors for their flagships. OnePlus says that the processor is a renewed version v2.1 which has better heat management. They have also underclocked the cpu to 1.8ghz to keep the phone running cool.  There’s 3GB/4GB RAM which comes with 16/64GB storage options. The LPDDR4 RAM should help in faster memory functions. The Full HD screen should also help cpu to get more performance and better battery life.

Motorola decided to take the safe way and avoid the heating issue surrounding the snapdragon 810 chipset and decided to go with less powerful 808 cpu which is a hexa core cpu with 1.8ghz clock speed. The RAM is kept to 3GB, and that’s quite enough to satisfy any multi tasking hungry person.
Storage is not a problem here as there’s ad card slot for expandable storage upto 128 GB. Internal storage options range from 16/32/64 GB.  And not to forget the Motorola’s supporting chipset for controlling sensors, natural language processing and those exclusive moto features too. This must help the snapdragon chip to work more efficiently.

Camera and battery

Starting with OnePlus camera they have added a lot of upgrades from last year to make a fine quality camera. The module on the back is a Sony 13MP camera with OIS and laser auto focus. The camera performance is very good and focusing is pretty fast. Low light performance also is good. The camera app in oxygen os is similar to Google camera app with added features. The UI is simple and easy to use. There are gestures added to access the camera easily.

Motorola never give  prime importance to camera and their camera performance was not that good compared to similar ranged flagships. But this time the camera department has been given a gift upgrade and famous camera benchmarking site DxOmark has said that new camera on the moto x play and style are very impressive. Technically there’s a 21MP Sony sensor that’s has PDAF (for auto focus) fast shutter which means low light performance must be better this time. The camera app hasn’t changed much and it’s not that great and may sometimes irritate you. The pictures are really great and there’s very less noise. There’s also support for 4k video recording cording at 60 fps.

In battery pack both phones have enough power to run the phones throughout the day easily.
OnePlus has increased the battery capacity to 3300maH and that 1080p display sold also help for greater battery life. But that’s not been the case as we have seen the battery isn’t as impressive as oneplus one last year. It may be due to poor optimizations of oxygen os. The battery life is average for such capacity. Future updates might improve the battery especially with cyanogen os 13 based on marshmallow.

Motorola has given the energy in a form of 3000mah battery pack that runs the phone for a day with ease. Though the Quad HD display drains battery the phone manages to take you past a day without much trouble. The pure android and it’s optimizations take time to stabilize the battery and it improves day by day.

Coming to conclusions the oneplus two has some very nice upgrade like the fingerprint sensor and the notification slider button, and style swap covers that is real this time.

Motorola has also build a premium phone with front flash ans SD card support for expansion if storage.
Both phones are priced at similar to ranges with OnePlus two priced at $389(16GB with 3GB RAM)  and $389/₹24999(4GB/64GB) variant.  Moto X Style is priced at $400(₹31999) for the base 16GB model.

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