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Lava Pixel V1 Getting Android 6.0 Update

Written by STJS

Android One initiative by Google in India was quite popular, and three devices were launched by diffrent manufacturers in India, Lava Pixel V1 was one among them. now the phone is getting an update to the latest OS from Google which is Android 6.0 Marshmallow.



The update is an OTA update which is around 620 MB in size, and the build of the update is LAVA_PixelV1_S028_20151118. The Android One has a stock android and hence it will be almost the same as the Android 5.1 in UI, with some security patches and other bugs resolved.

Since the update is quite large, we recommend that you do update over a WiFi connection to prevent high data consumption over cellular data. if you haven’t received the update to Marshmallow yet then do not despair as it may take a while before it becomes available on your particular device. So till then stay tuned to STJS Gadgets to get the latest information on Android Updates and more from around the Tech World.

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