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Paranoid Android is back with new build

Written by STJS

Paranoid Android, the famous custom rom build team are making a return after a long time. Their development had stalled as OnePlus had hired most of Paranoid android members to build their OxygenOS and Paranoid had stated a return in future with a new team.

Now after several months of development with the new team, a new release is being developed with feature rich ROM. 

In a statement on Google plus they had stated their first relate after long time and return to continuous development as before. Paranoid Android is one of the most loved after market Custom ROM loved by many people for their UI tweaks, new animations, customizable options and many under the hood optimizations.

The new release will include CM theme engine, immersive mode, improved floating window, notifications and quick settings toggle and much more. The devices getting the first builds are nexus and OnePlus users. 
For complete list check their  G+ post

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