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LG V10 Successor to launch in September as New Report says

Written by STJS

As the new reports which are coming from LG’s home country, South Korea, points toward an successor to the LG V10 which was launched last year in October. The successor of the device is said to be coming in September as the reports says.

Reason mentioned in the reports is quite obvious and seems to be true, all the competitors would have launched an update prior to October launch of the LG V10 hence they are seems to be rescheduling the launch around 1 month earlier.

Report says,

“If LG pushes forward its release date, it is inevitable for LG to go head to head against Apple since it is likely that iPhone 7 will be released in early September if Apple’s consistent pattern on release dates is considered.”

As we also know that the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 will be making its debut in August, and hence a early release of the LG V10 will be a better choice. Stay tuned to STJS Gadgets to know more about the future launches and more from around the Tech Word.


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