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Review: LeEco Le 2

Written by STJS

LeEco which was previously known as LeTV, launched the successor to the Le 1s which was launched earlier this year in January in India. The successor gets many improvements over the previous device and has a much better build quality then before. The device had many questions when the devices were out, and people were complaining about the build quality of the device as there were some noise in the screen, and the screen was getting depressed when we apply a bit of strength.

The same was cleared by a official statement from LeEco, which stated that LeEco has placed a gasket between the display and the glass which makes the device prone to breakage when dropped. The gasket was the criminal for the static sound which was coming from the display, as the glass used to get sticked with the display due to static charges and a static sound used to come when these two again get apart and the same was picked by many and the issue got an unnecessary weightage.

Let us start with the review of the device where we will be talking more about the quality and performance of the device.

Display & Design

The Le 2 features a full HD display and the panel is a LCD panel under a Gorilla Glass 3 protection. The device comes in a metal build and it is a unibody construction which makes the device more premium and the chamfered edges of the Le 2 gives it another premium curve. The front of the device resembles that the Le 1s while the back is quite different with a square camera unit and the fingerprint sensor also given a square curve to fall in the design.


Talking about the display of the device, it is pleasure to use the device in direct sunlight and even in indoor conditions, but at times we also find that the display falls short of brightness when its extremely bright out and the sun is shining just at the top of our head which makes reading the display quite tough at times, but its not a deal breaker as we are not going to have that harsh sun lighting us 24×7. The display is crisp and it gets pretty decent viewing angles.

UI & Performance

The UI is the same EUI that we saw on the Le 1s. The UI is quite different than we use to see on most of the smartphones, we have to get used to the UI which takes a day or two but the UI is not bloaty that we see with many other manufactures that bloats the app with different unnecessary apps. We do get a couple of useful apps such as the Remote Control app and LeVidi.

Performance of the device is really great as the device is powered by a Snapdragon 652 SoC which is a octa-core chipset. The Snapdragon is quite capable to power the device without any lag in normal working of the device i.e. day to day usage scenario. When we move forward to intensive usage of the device which is done especially in Games, then the device is also capable to run the games without any noticeable lags, but you can come across to a number of lags when we play games such as Asphalt 8 & Modern Combat 5 at higher levels although the initials levels which are not as intense runs well.


As of now we were not able to observe any major heating issue with the handset and the phone was quite cool while running the day to day tasks although it heats to a certain limits in gaming but we cannot say that the device is heating its just the device gets a bit warm at the back.

Camera & Fingerprint Sensor

The Le 2 comes with an 16 MP rear camera and a 8MP front camera, although at this price point we cannot a device to outperform in every department, but still the Le 2 manages to get us some great pictures that we can flaunt with our friends. The rear camera manages to capture crisps shots and is snappy though we can have to wait at times to take pictures but it seems to be a software bug and can be solved with future software updates, and is not a deal breaker if you are not going to use your phone for taking 100’s of pictures a day. The Saturation of the picture are good but at times we can see that the color reproduction of the camera is a bit dull.xamera

The front camera does a well job and is pretty good compared to the one we saw on the LeEco Le 1s. The Le 2’s front camera can be good for occasional selfies with our friends, but your friends are not going to be impressed and be jealousy of your smartphone if you are a social butterfly. For Camera Samples click here.

FingerprintThe Fingerprint sensor of the device is quite great and is going to detect fingerprint even if they are wet, The fingerprint will not disappoint you in any manner and will be working as great as it should and is pretty fast as well.


The battery of the Le 1s was not at all up to the mark and in our testing we got just around of 10 – 12 Hrs of battery life, but the Le 2 seems to be a great improvement over the Le 1s. The Le 2 battery is really great when it comes to standby time although at intense usage the battery lasts just for 14 – 15 Hrs but at normal usage it can easily be lasted for around 22 to 24 Hrs. The phone takes an approx of 1hr 30mins to 1hr 45mins to charge the device fully from 0 to 100%.



The device is a nice package when we look at the overall device, the device seems to be a great deal with the specs that the phone offers but its rivals also getting pretty nice specifications, the device tends to be an option to many other smartphone present in the market. Although let us make it clear if the device is for you or not. If you are a person who is going to game with the device and use the camera at certain occasions then you can surely go for the phone, the device will be more then happy to power you up for a working day.


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