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1More announced Quad Driver In-Ear Earphones for INR 13,599

Written by STJS

1More today at the event held at CES 2017 announced the all new Quad Driver in-ear type earphones. The earphones are named as Quad Drive these are premium grade high-quality earphones. This headphone uses four drivers dedicated to independent frequencies, the earphones are inspired by Jet engines to deliver Hi-Res audio bandwidth.

Commenting on the Quad Driver, David Kellogg, 1MORE Chief Brand Officer, said:

With the Quad Drivers, we have taken a step closer to bridging the gap between audiophiles and mainstream music lovers. We stayed true to our roots of providing value through innovation when designing our new Quad Drivers. There may be a mountain of headphone brands. 1MORE isn’t simply climbing that mountain. We’re turning it upside down so everyone can reach the peak.

Tim Burton, 1MORE CEO, said:

Our goal is to show the customer that 1MORE offers technology, fashion, quality, and value – which is something that shouldn’t be the exclusive property of those that can afford it. 1MORE brings a breath of fresh air in the way of real value to a commodity product line and industry. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have another offering in our product line that is true to our goals and company philosophy, we know consumers and audiophiles will greet the Quad Driver with as much enthusiasm as our Triple Driver.

The 1MORE Quad Drivers will be available by January-end, for $199.99 which is INR 13,576 in Indian Currency as per current conversion on 1MORE website and Amazon.com. Stay tuned to STJS Gadgets to know more about Audio Equipments and more from around the Tech World.

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