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Things to be considered before Buying a Laptop

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Buying a new laptop might be a complicated process, given the notable differences in both design and hardware are unique to each brand. Traditionally buying a laptop was not a matter choice; there were limited options to choose from. Today we have plenty of options to choose which makes it very difficult to choose the right one. There are several laptop categories intended for a specific type of users. Below is a short overview of different types of laptop which will help you clarify your purpose:

Types of Laptops

  1. Entry Level:
    Nowadays laptops are not that expensive. Consumers who need laptop for basic purposes can go for this laptop. They are available in the range of 300-500$. Best example is Acer 720P.
  2. Chrome Books:
    Chrome OS is basically a linux based operating system. Chromebook laptops are very efficient in web based tasks on light hardware and are very cheap. The Chrome OS is a cloud Operating system developed by Google on the Linux Kernel base.
  3. Thin and Light:
    This segment of laptops focuses on a 12-13 inch screen and has very less weight. Also the ergonomics and aesthetics of this kind of laptops are pleasing. Almost every top brand now manufactures thin and light laptops. Starting from 700$ there is abundant variety to choose from. The Apple Macbooks, Acer Swift 7 and Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air are some of  the examples of Thin and Light Laptops.
  4. 2 in 1:
    These days, the two in one laptops or the computers are in trend. The two in one laptops are the laptops or the computers which has the two control options. The 2 in 1 laptops can be used as the simple laptop or as the Tablet computer.
  5. Gaming laptop:
    Laptops designed for gaming have higher end processors and graphic cards and are specially designed for gaming. The gaming laptops are expensive and bulky as hell, but they have supreme powers which are necessary to play high end games. The gaming laptops are most powerful laptops suitable for high-end gaming.  There are many good gaming laptops available from popular brands. Some good gaming laptops in the market are MSI laptops, Asus ROG series and Alienware laptops.

What to Check Before Buying the Laptops?

The above types will help you identify your purpose and which type to go for. Consider the following steps to choose the right laptop for you:

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU):
    It is hard to go past processors by Intel especially the Core series (i3, i5 and i7). These processors exhibit the best performance.  Core i3 can be preferred for entry level systems.  According to me core i5 is the best to go for as provides optimum balance between cost and performance. If not cost but performance is your most primary concern you can go for i7. Processors by AMD are also promising especially AMD A10 series.
  • RAM:
    The Random Access Memory (RAM) provides ease of multi-tasking. The more the RAM the more tasks you can run simultaneously. Generally speaking 4GB-8GB of RAM is sufficient. Going for a higher RAM may be costly and worthless.
  • Keyboard:
    You will be typing on your laptops keyboard for a long time. Primarily to avoid strain on your fingers during prolonged typing choose keyboard which has comfortable layout with full sized keys. Also the responsiveness of keys should be smooth enough. You can go for keys with back lit if needed.
  • Storage and Speed:
    Most of the time people are deceived by the storage size. People end up buying high storage hard disk at a lower price. These hard disks access data at a slower rate which reduces the speed of your laptop. If speed is your primary concern you can prefer Solid State Drives. They consume very less power but are on the costlier side.
  • Screen:
    You will be looking at the screen of your laptop for a very long time. Choose a screen which is comfortable to look at. Avoid glossy screen as they lead to reflections. The resolution of screen is also important. 1920* 1080 resolution is desired and enables full HD view.
  • The Brand Matters:
    When you are about to purchase a laptop, the brand should be the decision maker. When you purchase laptop from a brand, not only you purchase the device but service as well. Laptop brands which don’t offer much customer care and support may land you in deep trouble. There are many good laptop Brands like Apple, Dell, Lenovo are well known for their quality of service.
  • Battery life:
    Battery life is essentially the decision maker. Portability is the point where laptops exceed desktops completely. It is the battery life which makes a laptop. If you require more battery life Apple is the brand to go for. They offer battery life as good as 12 hours. Other brands such as Asus and HP also offer competitive battery life. Also keep in mind that battery life depends on your usage as well.
  • Survey and review:
    When you shortlist some models of laptops you must read customer reviews and also compare between the brands. Also taking a look at process offered at different sites will help you to spend less and know about the specifications in detail. It is good to buy a laptop from a store so that you can have a good look at it before finalizing.

All the above parameters will definitely help you choose the right laptop. In fact the aim was to give the insights of different aspects that matter while buying a new laptop. There are lots of budget friendly laptops in the market which would fulfil your purpose. Wait for the right deal and discount and you would end up buying the best!

This is a Guest Contribution to STJS Gadgets by Swaraj Nandedkar from TechLila.com

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