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BlackBerry Mercury confirmed for MWC 2017

Written by STJS

TCL at CES2017 announced about changing their business model and now will concentrate on the portfolio of Blackberry and Alcatel. The first smartphone under this business model is going to be the Blackberry Mercury which they will launch at MWC 2017.

TCL said about the upcoming device from Blackberry said, that it will include security, productivity and reliability which are the key features of a Berry and its good to see that TCL is keeping those as it is.

Steve Cistulli, President and GM at TCL Communications said,
“Our industry is in the midst of an evolution, where consumers are now demanding greater functionality and value from their mobile devices than ever before. To meet these growing demands, both carriers and retailers need a more diverse product offering, requiring portfolio efficiencies that were previously unavailable from a single manufacturer–until now. We’re boldy evolving ourbusiness, offering end-to-end efficiencies from sales, through R&D, manufacturing and logistics. This business evolution will provide greater value to our customers in the premium post-paid and affordable no-contract tiers.”

We will have to wait to see what exactly TCL brings with the Blackberry mercury, will it going to be a revolutionary product for Blackberry brand, so till then Stay tuned to STJS Gadgets to know more about the devices from Blackberry and more from around the Tech World.

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