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Honor gonna release something “Epic” at this CES

Written by STJS

Honor in China is going to release something really great and they are promoting it with Honor Magics, but it seems like Honor USA is also having some surprises for us in the store. They yesterday published a teaser for a new device that is going to be announced at this CES 2017.

The teaser reads ‘Double or Nothing’ which might indicate a dual camera at the rear end. The venue of the launch is crystal clear, Las Vegas in CES 2017. The device can simply be the US launch for the Honor Magic. The Honor Magic also features dual cameras, and it’s a really good device that might help Honor compete in the US market.

Looking at lineup of Honor in US, its pretty limited with just the Honor 8 and the Honor 5X, which are good smartphones but aren’t a masterpiece from Honor. We will surely have to wait for CES 2017, or more teasers from Honor, to look into which device we are getting in US, so till then Stay tuned to STJS Gadgets to know more about the devices from Honor and more from around the Tech World.

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