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HTC U Play sports 5.2″ display

Written by STJS

HTC in December started to tease for 12th January when its is going to hold a event which is termed as “For U.” The event is scheduled at a very peculiar time, in between CS 2017 & MWC 2017, although this will be beneficial as they will be in lime light as the CES will conclude till then and there will be a bit of time for MWC to happen.

The event will bring us two devices in specific which are HTC U Play and HTC U Ultra. The HTC U Play is codenamed as Alpine while the HTC U Ultra is codenamed as Ocean, as the name suggest of the U Ultra, it is going to have a big display, by big i mean of around 6 inches. Their is also a HTC Ocean Note which is said to have a screen size of  around 5.7″.

The HTC U Play which is codenamed as Alpine is now said to have a screen size of 5.2″ which is the least in the series. All the phone in the U series are said to have curved display and mainly focus on camera. The For U event is really close and we must wait for HTC to throw things official.

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