Asus CES 2017 Featured Review

Know more about ZenFone AR

Written by STJS

Asus earlier today at the event in Las Vegas at the CES2017 launched the all new ZenFone AR which is world’s first phone to combine Tango and Google’s Day Dream project. The phone is the second phone based on the Tango project.

The Augmented Reality features on the ZenFone AR is really a step ahead of the flagships currently on sale, and we can use the AR feature for AR gaming, AR utilities, and even for indoor navigation while wearing a VR headset. The phone also utilizes Daydream which is a Google’s platform for high quality mobile virtual reality, as the phone is daydream ready hence it is obvious that it will supports Daydream VR apps.

Till now ZenFone AR is the slimmest phone in the world to be having both Tango and Google’s Daydream project, although keeping in notice that more phones with Tango are coming really soon, this might be a case for a month or two, but might be it can be the slimmest phone if other manufacturers fail to put the Tango hardware in a slim case as the Asus did.

The phone comes with a triple camera set, in which one is a 23 MP unit which is the base camera for the phone for photos and video recording, other two cameras in the set include a depth sensing camera and a motion tracking camera. These three cameras are put in a array to perform well for the Tango project.

The ZenFone AR comes with Snapdragon 821 SoC which is specially tuned for the Tango project, the phone is also world’s first flagship smartphone from a renowned brand having 8 Gigs of RAM which is a humongous amount. The phone features a 5.7″ of QHD Display which is again going to enhance the Tango and Daydream experience of the smartphone.

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