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Moto promoting developer in India for modularity by ‘Moto Collide’ event

Written by STJS

2016 was the year of manufacturers starting to release modular smartphones, but it was sought of failed as neither people thought of buying them, nor the developers took interest in creating more accessories for those mods, same happened with Moto Mods, but now Moto is looking to have a change in the scene.

Moto is planing to share MDK to developers which is full formed as Moto Mods Development Kit, to the people who are interested in contributing to the Modular ecosystem which will technically allow the use of Moto mods in day to day life.

Moto is hosting ‘Moto Collide’ event in Bengaluru on 25th of January where they will also startups and even experienced firms to take part and provide idea, and even interact with different partners in hardware, software, and development departments, and give them a global product opportunity.

You can head to the source link to register and get a chance to beat the event. Stay tuned to STJS Gadgets to know more about the devices from Moto and more from around the Tech World.


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