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Samsung files patent for Dual-Camera system

Written by STJS

Samsung was never late in using one of the latest innovation in the tech industry. Samsung in March 2016 filed an application for patent of Dual Camera Systems which they will use in their smartphone.

The patent application is titled as “Digital Photographing Apparatus and Method of Operating the Same”, the patent is filed for system which uses a set of two cameras in which one will be a wide-angle lens and one with a telephoto lens. The second will be capturing a zoomed-in image of the subject that’s being shot, the processor will determine which of the two cameras is capturing the “main image”, based on the subject’s motion.

It will depend on the type of processor used, if the processor is fast enough and even the cameras are of good quality then there will be a higher pre-set speed limit to capture the moving object, and it will determine if the moving object crosses the pre-set limit then wide-angle will be prioritized, otherwise the telephoto will be.

It will be interesting to see once Samsung implements this in their devices, might be we can see this type of feature in the Galaxy S8 or the Note 8 which is scheduled for H2-2017. Stay tuned to STJS Gadgets to know more about the devices from Samsung and more from around the Tech World.


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