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Samsung S8 might come with Continuum like feature on Android

Written by STJS

A new slide leaked from internal presentation of Samsung display what it might look if we connect the upcoming Galaxy S8 to a Moitor, and it is the same concept that Microsoft came up for an enhanced experience of your smartphone by using it as a CPU.

Samsung is looking to use the Continuum concept for its flagship device the Galaxy S8. As displayed in the image leaked we can clearly see that the mouse and keyboard are connected via Bluetooth while the monitor is connected via a cable.

You must take this with high quantity of salt, as the source itself is not confirmed about its authenticity, so better take it just as a concept, and if Samsung outs the S8 with the feature then you can believe it. Stay tuned to STJS Gadgets to know more about the devices from Samsung and more from around the Tech World.


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